How Walking Exercise Can Benefit Your Running Program

Though they seem to be comparable exercises in many ways, running and walking at a vigorous pace have enough variations to be put into the category of x-training if you alternate between them on a regular basis. The amount of stress on your bones and legs while running is not experienced in walking. Nevertheless, walking is a weight bearing exercise that acts upon the muscles in different ways and taking a hike or a brisk walk around the neighborhood canWalking Is A Weight Bearing Exercise help you stretch and increase your strength.

How Walking Exercise Can Benefit Your Running Program

While it may seem intimidating at first, many doctors recommend that you try to walk at least five miles each day. This comes out to about 10,000 steps every 24 hours. On the other hand, when you factor in the number of steps you take in your typical everyday activities, this walking prescription doesn’t seem quite so off-putting.

The pedometer is the most common and accurate method of measuring the amount of steps you take. This is accomplished by registering the movement of your hips through an electronic sensor. The cheaper models will merely record the number of steps you have taken. More expensive pedometers can be programmed to measure the length of your stride and give you an idea of the approximate distance you have travelled.

Technological innovation is such that you can probably find a pedometer app that will work with your smartphone by using the accelerometers. Additionally, there are a number of athletic shoe models that communicate with your phone or iPod and are reported to Walking Exercise Can Be Good X-trainingprovide very accurate measurements.

In any case, accomplishing the five mile per day walking workout does not have to be onerous. Adding a few extra steps to your typical daily routine can help. Using your lunch break or taking some time after dinner to go out for a 15 minute stroll can do wonders. Another good exercise method is to try to park further away from your office or the supermarket every day. This is generally the opposite of what most drivers try do and, not only will you find your parking experience less stressful, you’ll be adding a number of steps to your walking exercise routine.

If you are a runner, walking workouts can be extremely beneficial. If you have a running injury, are experiencing soreness or wish to strengthen your muscles in different ways then x-training with a vigorous walking routine is something you should seriously consider.

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