The Value Of Cross Training Workouts

Cross training (sometimes referred to as x-training or circuit training) is a discipline that involves engaging in diverse physical fitness activities by altering your workouts to include aerobic exercises with flexibility and strength training routines. There is a growing consensus now among fitness experts that to truly bolster your cardiovascular health, tone muscles lose weight or increase endurance, cross training should be seriously considered. The value of cross training workouts has several aspects:

The Value Of Cross Training Workouts

If an injury has sidelined you from a favorite activity, cross training lets you keep fit as you recover. If you’re unable to run, due to an injury, cross training allows you to continue to build your fitness levels despite being sidelined from your favorite activity. Cycle if you are temporarily unable to swim. Cross country Woman Runningski or skate if you can’t run. Take a tai chi class if you can’t perform your regular body building routines.

As with any activity, performing the same routine over and over again without variation induces boredom. This is also true with many fitness activities. Add some spice by varying your workouts to help you stay motivated and boost stamina. Only one form of exercise can become stultifying and cause burn out.

The relentless pounding on asphalt may lead to stress fractures or other injuries if you are a runner. Alternating your cardio routine with elliptical machines Yoga Poser other low-impact conditioning activities like tai chi or yoga can improve your cardiovascular endurance without the injury risks that can be triggered by incessant running.

For the same reason that a basketball player might take dancing classes or a baseball player might take up tai chi or yoga, long distance runners can benefit from cross training in other sports & exercises to improve overall flexibility, stability and performance.

As the saying goes, varying your exercise workouts begins with a single step. Begin slowly. Take a swim today. Get up early and take a long run tomorrow. Borrow a friend’s bike and so some cycling. By cross training in different fitness activities and workouts you can increase your fitness level, keep injuries from preventing all physical activity, avoid burn out and improve flexibility and stability.


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