How to Find the Best Creatine Supplements

The best creatine supplements are taken in order to help build muscles faster. However, finding the best creatine supplement can be difficult with the variety of supplements available on the market. If you are looking for a creatine supplement for your exercise regime and diet plan, knowing exactly what to look for may help you find what product would be best for you.

Best Creatine Supplements: Form

Creatine Supplements

Creatine supplements are found in many forms, including creatine monohydrate, micronized creatine, and tri-creatine malate. Creatine monohydrate is primarily considered to be the most reliable form as it is the most widely studied creatine supplement. Many people consider it to be the best creatine supplement form as it offers many benefits while working out.

Creatine monohydrate, like other creatine supplements, can be found in powder, liquid, or pill form. If you are planning to include creatine monohydrate in your workout shakes or drinks, then the best creatine supplements form would be most suitable for you. The main difference between creatine monohydrate and other creatine forms is due to molecular structure and components. Creatine monohydrate comprises of water and hydrogen bound together.

Creatine monohydrate supplements help in increasing the natural creatine stored in your body and muscle tissue. This is beneficial for strength-training athletes as it increases the energy contained in stored form in the muscle tissues. Creatine monohydrate supplements are considered to be one of the best creatine supplements as these can help in performing short periods of strenuous exercises, such as weight lifting, by increasing the number of repetitions and sets a person can complete without feeling fatigued.

Dosage Size

While searching for the best creatine supplement, aim at purchasing a supplement that limits intake to 5 grams, four times per day, for one week. After the seven-day phase, you will just take 5 grams per day. Anything more than this amount may be hazardous to your health. Make sure you check the dosage sizes on the containers of the best creatine supplements you choose, and rule out products that require the supplement to be taken in more exaggerated amounts.


You may find certain creatine supplements that contain sugars or starch. Taking creatine supplements in conjunction with carbohydrates may help your body absorb the supplement more effectively. If you do not want to take a creatine supplement with a carbohydrate or sugar source, such as a fruit juice, you may find that a product premixed with carbs would be the best creatine supplement for you.

Additional Supplements

You are likely to find numerous best creatine supplements that may be combined with other beneficial substances, such as vitamins, taurine, and L-glutamine. In most cases, additional supplements simply enhance the absorption of creatine into the body while others provide additional benefits for your body. Make sure you avoid combining creatine supplements with other medications or supplements, or if you are suffering from a serious medical condition. Consult your healthcare provider before taking creatine supplements to enhance your workout performance.

The best creatine supplements, if taken with caution, will provide you with beneficial results during your exercise regimen.

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